Retro Gaming & Collecting Podcast Episode #29 – Technical Difficulty

Video Game Rescue

On this weeks podcast we have Tom Hall! Tom is a Social Coordinator for @OfficialVGHC, contributor to 1MoreCastle, & co-host of the #InRetroSpection podcast, allegedly all done in the nude.

Question of the Week:

What is the last game that Ed Fries made?

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  • Thomas Townsend

    What is the last game that Ed Fries made?

    Answer: Halo 2600

  • http://www.VideoGameRescue/ Dustin Gartenbush

    Any takers on this the question of the week?

  • Thomas T.

    Halo 2600

    I thought I answered it already?

    • http://www.VideoGameRescue/ Dustin Gartenbush

      I thought you had done so as well and I didn’t see it on here. Regardless you were right!

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